Whether you love Mid Century Modern (MCM) or prefer vintage, we would love to help you find and customize the perfect desk for your home office. We have customized many desks over the past year and can create the perfect work or study environment for your or your child. Let us help you make work and homework more enjoyable by customizing a desk and chair that meets your style and décor.

Vintage white desk with a matching chair. Freshly painted and sealed, this set is perfect for remote learning, home office or to be used as a makeup desk. Dimensions:42.5″L 30″H 23.5″D. Available for $325

Looking for a solid wood desk that is built to last? We have you covered with this desk that is perfect for remote learning. It comes with four drawers and plenty of storage and a matching wood chair and was painted and sealed for durability. The deep blue color with gold knobs is perfect for any child. It will meet your child’s learning needs without taking up a lot of space. 31″ length x 30.25”height x 17.25”depth. Available for $245.